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How I Get To Know God

As I am getting older I am taking more time to pray. I am a man with Cerebral Palsy and I can’t work so I have the time to pray. Praying is the way to get to know our Lord Jesus Christ.

I say my morning prayers while I take my shower. I say good morning to God and ask Him to guide me through my day.

Through my morning, I talk to God. I would thank him for my day, and I say thanks to him for the little things in my day like; my aide came to help me during my day, the air I breathe, and my food. I can go on and on. Look around you can be thankful for so many things during your day.  Be thankful is a prayer.

In the afternoon I have more time to pray. My aide has a few hours off so I pray the Rosary.  I have the Rosary is on my IPad so I could listen to it while I am praying. The Rosary is long but it is a very beautiful prayer. It also is very powerful. I also pray the Rosary before I go to bed.

I receive the daily readings by e-mail. After I prayed the Rosary I turn on my computer to read the daily readings.

In the afternoon I take the time to write an Inspirational quote and put it on Facebook and Twitter. I also put my quotes on my websitel I sometime write a poem from my daily Inspirational quotes.

Over 30 years I wrote poetry.  My poetry helped me to grow closer to God. I have a speech problem so writing poetry help me to deal with my daily struggles. My poetry turned into prayers. I wrote 2 books of poetry. The first book is called Poetry Prayers Talking With God. The second is called Getting To Know God. Please visit my website at for more information.

Getting to know God takes some time. It can be talking with a friend name Jesus.  A thought can be a prayer to God that take a  few seconds while you are  driving to work, or listen to Christian music in your car.

Charles J. Breunig
Please visit my website at


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