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Why Do I Write Poetry?

When I was in school I hated to write. In those days all my writing was done on a typewriter.  There was no computer in my school until I was in grade 12 1983. In school I was a very poor at spelling, writing and reading. If you told me that I would be a Christian poetry writer. I would ask you, are you joking? I hated writing but I always had a story or a poem running through my head.

In the late 80’s I started to write poetry. A few years before, I wrote poetry, I started to write my life story but that took too long, so I got into poetry. I found a poem is short and it took me a few hours up to a few weeks.  Now it takes me a half hour to an hour to write a poem.

in 1987, my first poem I wrote called Why Me?  That time I didn’t put on a date or my name on my poems. Each of my poems, I went through some kind of struggle.
When I wrote Friendship I was lonely.
When I wrote Why Me?  I was questioning God why I have Cerebral Palsy?

When I wrote Be Thankful I was questioning myself why I should be thankful? And I felt sorry for myself. But through my writing, Be Thankful, God shown me how blessed I am.   So I am thankful for who I am.

When I wrote The Pain Of Speaking I was upset at God because people could not understand me. That time, I wanted to stay at home and don’t talk with anyone.

Each poem God was teaching me something about myself or how to pray. In 1996 I didn’t had a job and nothing to do, but I always wanted to make bookmarks out of my poems. So I created a small business.  I asked a friend to read my 50 or 60 poems and check them because I was a poor speller but my poetry was good. I knew I had a good idea.

Around 2000 I created a website but every year I tried to design a better website. In 2010 I told myself my website is good enough.

I have written 3 poetry books. The first book is called Poetry Prayers Talking With God and the second book is called Getting To Know God. and my third ia called But That is Life.

Sometimes I write 4 or 5 poems per week and other weeks I might write maybe 1 or 2 poems a week. So why do I write poetry? Because it helps me stay connected with God. Also my poetry help people get to know Jesus and his Father.

Charles J. Breunig


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