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Why Do I Write Poetry?

When I was in school I hated to write. In those days all my writing was done on a typewriter.  There was no computer in my school until I was in grade 11 1982. In school I was a very poor at spelling, writing and reading. If you told me that I would be a Christian poetry writer. I would ask you, are you joking? I hated writing but I always had a story or a poem running through my head.
In the late 80’s I started to write poetry. A few years before, I wrote poetry, I started to write my life story but that took too long, so I got into poetry. I found a poem is short and it took me a few hours up to a few weeks.  Now it takes me a half hour to an hour to write a poem.

in 1987, my first poem I wrote called Why Me?  That time I didn’t put on a date or my name on my poems. Each of my poems, I went through some kind of struggle.
When I wrote Friendship I was lonely.
When I wrote Why Me?  I was questioning God why I have Cerebral Palsy?

When I wrote Be Thankful I was questioning myself why I should be thankful? And I felt sorry for myself. But through my writing, Be Thankful, God shown me how blessed I am.   So I am thankful for who I am.

When I wrote The Pain Of Speaking I was upset at God because people could not understand me. That time, I wanted to stay at home and don’t talk with anyone.

Each poem God was teaching me something about myself or how to pray. In 1996 I didn’t had a job and nothing to do, but I always wanted to make bookmarks out of my poems. So I created a small business.  I asked a friend to read my 50 or 60 poems and check them because I was a poor speller but my poetry was good. I knew I had a good idea.

Around 2000 I created a website but every year I tried to design a better website. In 2010 I told myself my website is good enough.

Since 2001 I crated a Christian poetry calendars every year. I sold around 150 calendars each year. I have written 2 poetry books. The first book is called Poetry Prayers Talking With God  and the second book is called Getting To Know God.

Sometimes I write 4 or 5 poems per week and other weeks I might write 1 or 2 poems a week. So why do I write poetry? Because it helps me stay connected with God. Also my poetry help people get to know Jesus and his Father.

Charles J. Breunig


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