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Life is Changing But God is Good

Everyone changed over time. We came in this world as a baby and grow into an adult. Once we get into our 70’s or older we will die. As we are growing old we face many challenges. Each challenge changes us some way.

When I was born, there were a few complications it  caused Cerebral Palsy. The part of the brain called the Cerebrum was damaged. The doctors told Mom and Dad that I would be a vegetable.  God was good because I was alive.

 But God was good to me. At age of 3 once a week mom took me to receive therapy about an hour and half away from home. Mom found the time, with 7 kids. Also she did therapy with me 3 times a day. After 2 years I took my first step. God is good.
Life was changing.. For the next four years I went to school in Edmonton 548 km away called Glenrose School Hospital. I received three different kind therapies speech, Physio and Occupational. Also I received an education. I struggled being away from home, I was homesick but God was good.

 I could walk but I fell a lot so I wear a helmet. I learned to talk but it was hard to understand me, but I could communicate. After four years at the Glenrose I went to school in my home town and I was at home. God was good to me.

Life was changing. For the next 10 years I went to school in my home town. I was blessed Sometime I was struggled in school. I made friends, some kids bug me. But that is life. I graduated at age of 20. God was good to me.

Life was changing. In my 20’s,  I moved an hour and an half away from home, and into wheelchair friendly houses with help from homecare. I had some good aides and some not so good, but that is life. God was always good to me.

 I found I was alone. I learned I was a poet through my deep loneness and through my poetry I found my Lord Jesus Christ. God is good.

I received a college education. A friend taught me how to drive. I tried to get a job but no luck, so my friend and I opened a business together. The doors shut after 3 years. Life was changing but God was good.

I was starting to make bookmarks with my poems so I created a home business selling Christian Bookmarks. It gave me something to do and spread the word of God. I taught myself how to create a website to sell my bookmarks. God was good.

Life was always changing and full of challenges. In my 40s I went through depression. But that is life and God was there for me and he was so good to me.

ln my late 40’s,  walking became hard and harder for me.  Life was changing again. I fell and I broke two bones in my ankle. The next 7 weeks I was in the hospital because I couldn’t put any weight on my ankle and I couldn’t use crutches. After I was out of the hospital Mom and Dad stayed with me over night to help me for 2 months. I could not drive for 8 months.  On and on it went. But God was good to me.

Now in my 50’s I was started to hit more walls and furniture when I was walking.  My back was hurting from Arthritis and scoliosis. Also my back muscles were caused me great pain. Now I am in a wheelchair and I can’t walk from the pain. Life had change but God is still good to me.

Sure I pray for healing so I could walk again. One day I was praying I felt God telling me to accept my cross and offer up my suffering and struggles. I am still praying if it is his will I would like to walk again. God is always good.

Life is always changing but God is always at our side through hard times and good times. God is so good to us.

God Bless.
Charles J Breunig.

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