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Lord Jesus Be My Guide

Every day I try to remember to ask my friend Jesus Christ to guide me throughout my day. Without God guiding a person it is like walking in the dark without a light. Yes you can make it through your day without Jesus guiding you but it would be a lot harder.

To be guide by Jesus we need to pray and be in touch with God throughout our day. When a problem comes up ask our Lord to guide and to help you. It would take a few seconds. Then go back and deal with your problem. This will help you with your problem but also it will help you to grow in your relationship with God.

When I am creating a website or writing a poem I stop to ask my Lord for help. Sometime I would take a break for few minutes. But I am still talking with Jesus. After a few minutes or the next day an idea would pop into my mind. That idea comes from God. Jesus is guiding me through my problem.

Our Lord is always there to guide us throughout the day. Just ask he will be there to guide you.

My Lord, Please Guide Me

Sometime I feel like
I am in a thick fog.
 I can’t see my nose
and I feel like I am lost,
 so I say a prayer.

My Lord,
 please guide me
through my day.
Show me
 the way out of the fog.
 Lead me through this day
 because I am lost in the fog.

My Lord guide me
 so I will do your will.

Charles J. Breunig

Charles J. Breunig


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