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My Life With God

>Each day there are some good times and there are times we might have to struggle. Through my struggles, I learned that God is always there to guide me and to help me, so I need to be thankful.

Each of my struggles I try to learn something about myself or something else. With my speech I need to talk slow so others can understand me. I know that people who don’t know me they cannot understand me. I also need help with other things like eating and dressing. But that is life.

I enjoy my day. Through praying I fine peace and joy. I know that God is with me. He gives me guidance throughout my day, so I am thankful.

My Lord Jesus gives me this day to make a difference in other people’s lives. By my writing poems or my daily quote that I post on Facebook and Twitter. Also I say hi to people I meet on the street when they walk by.  By say hi to people, I might bring joy to their hearts.

Yes everyone has problems and struggles during the day, but if they ask God to guide them the day will become easier. Live your life with God by asking him to come into your heart.

I  wrote this poem in 2011 

Struggle During My Day

Every morning my struggles begin,
I struggle to get out my bed,
 and to turn on the light.

I struggle with my hands
to do simple tasks.
I struggle to take a shower,
I struggle to dress myself.

I struggle with speech.
I struggle to tell my aides
what I need.
Every time I speak
I struggle to communicate.

Someone needs to help me,
to feed me,
help me to get dressed,
 to take the time to understand
what I am saying,

Why do I need struggles, God?
Why do I want to give up, O Lord?

Jesus be at my side
 and help me to carry my cross.
Jesus help me to keep on going.
Each night I thank God
for my struggles,
 because each of them
 helps me to grow closer to God.

My lord Jesus, please enter into my heart. Guide my thoughts throughout my day. Please lead me on the path Your Father created for me. Amen

God Bless

Charles J. Breunig

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