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Spent Time With Jesus

As we are getting busy and busier in our lives we sometimes forget to pray. Spending time in prayer with Jesus it is easy to forget to do. Before we know it our faith is slowly dying inside us. Prayer time should be the most important time of our day.

In the morning I take some time for praying. I ask God to be with me during the day. I ask God to guide me and send his grace to me. I sometime started praying in the shower. When I am going for my daily drive, I put my radio on a Christian station. I ask Jesus to be with me when I am driving. I sing along with the radio.

When I returned home, I would read the daily Mass readings on my computer, The Word Among Us, at  Sometime I try to read Our Daily Bread on my IPad or on the web at .  

During the day I try to thank God. If I am face with difficult task or a decision I ask God to guide my thoughts so I would do God’s will.  It takes only 5 seconds to say “Please help me, Jesus.” or Thank you God.”

During evening I would listen (pray) to the Rosary on my IPad. At night I thank Jesus for helping me through my day. And then I ask my Lord to be with me while I am sleeping.

I have the Christian radio station on most of the time in my home. I also listen to Country music too.  But a person try his best to have God around him: like listening to Christian music, saying your prayers and reading the bible, he will know Jesus as a friend and he will have deeply peace and joy in his heart.

Charles J Breunig


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