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 Take Time To Pray 

Sometimes, I ask myself, where is Jesus? Where is God in my life? If I had a hard day, I like to look back and wonder why my day was so hard. Where is God? Then I ask myself, did I ask God to be with me every minute of the day? If my answer is no. I need to ask why? Did I take time to pray and talk with God? But if the answer is yes. What is God trying to tell me? Take time for me. (God)

Before my aide came in the morning, did I take time to thank God and praise him or worry about what might happen during my day? Did I stay in bed or get up? If I take time to thank and praise God, my day is full of joy because I asked God to be with me.

If I lie in bed and worrying about my problems and not asking God to be with me during my day is more challenging. My pain is more. I am in a bad mood and can’t laugh at my problems.

I try to thank God and praise him throughout my day. I take a minute or two just to say thank you, God, and I praise you.

I have the Rosary on an app, so at noon and when I go to bed, I will pray the Rosary. The Rosary is not a long, boring prayer but a meditation on Jesus' life. Once I understood this, it became a beautiful prayer for me, and it helped me to understand Jesus' life and God's will. Also, the Rosary is another tool to get close to God, like the Bible.
 During the day, I talk to Jesus. Some days, I forget to take the time to thank God. When I get busy, it is easy to put praying to another time. The problem with doing this is I will slowly stop praying.
I need to remember every hour to thank God. I need to stop for a minute or two and say thank you, God, or ask him to be with me.

 Think About God

I was sitting and starting
to think about God.
God is always with me.
I thank God for my day.

As I was journeying through
 my day God was there,
to guide me and to help me
 throughout my day.

As I was thinking
 about God I was starting
to thank him for my day.
I thank my God for this day.

Charles J. Breunig  

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