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Talking With God

There are so many ways God speak to us. As believers, we say our prayers each day and go to church on Sunday. But do we take the time to have some quiet time each day with God. I found in those quiet times and through meditation I would receive answer to my prayers. Those answers come in thoughts or from reading the bible. You might say, “That your thoughts are not an answer from God.” My answer is, where those thoughts come from? If I don’t take the time for some quiet time I feel out of focus the next day.

In April 2004 I fell off my bike and spring my left wrist. I could not drive my car for a few weeks, so what? But that beginning of May I needed to take a driving exam to renew my license. I was so worry about it. During my meditation time a thought ran through my mind “Don’t worry you would get your license.” Then I knew it would be ok.  I stilled worry about it, but not so much.

If I truly believe that God told me to not worry, why I worried about it? I guested it come down to lack of faith.

God does answered our prayers but in his own time. We can have deep relationship with God through praying. Take the time to say little prayer ever hour. For example “Thank you God” or “God please guide me through this hour.” or “Please be with me.”

God is always trying to communicate with us. It is up to us to stop and take the time to pray. Not say some words with our lips but with our hearts. So make some quite time and take the time to be with Jesus the son of God.

Charles J Breunig


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