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Why I Am Thankful?

Sometime I don’t feel thankful after a hard day. But I always try to be thankful for the simple fact God gave me this day to learn something. It is not any easier. We need to come to understanding that God gave everything we have, even the faith we have in him.

Be thankful is be grateful for who you are. Sometime I get mad or disappointment in myself. Every day, people help me to get through my day. Without help I wouldn’t be able to live or to do anything so I need to be thankful. Because I have Cerebral Palsy and I am so spastic I need help to get dress in the morning and I need someone to feed me my meals. So I am always thankful.

I am also thankful to my God. He gives me so many blessings and many graces in each day of my live. God have blessed me with a car, which my parents bought for me. With a great family always is willing to help me. My Mom and Dad who are always there to help me out.  God has blessed me with great people whom come to help me every day. God have blessed me. That is why I am thankful.

I am leaving you with a  poem that I had wrote in 1988.

Be Thankful

I looked into a mirror
and saw my face.
Why do I make funny faces?
I looked at my hands
and saw they are crippled.
Why don't my hands want to listen to me?
It almost seems
like my hands have their own mind.
and hit me in the eyes and face,
or worse; they might hit a friend.
When I am walking I might fall down,
or I might hit a wall,
or I might fall on someone.
Sometimes it causes me pain.
Why do I have to fall?
I talked into a tape recorder
and listened to myself.
I found I have a hard time understanding myself.
I wonder how people can understand me,
when I, myself, have a hard time.
Why do I have a hard time speaking?
I sometimes ask God,
"Why did you create me like this?
Why did you give me hands
that I have problems using?
Why did you give me legs
that sometimes give out on me?
Why did you give me a voice
that people have problems understanding?"
He answers me,
“I created you for a reason.
I know what you are going through.
I am always beside you.
Just ask me,
I will let you lean on me.
I will give you a helping hand.
each person has his own different tasks
to make the world a better place to live in.
Be happy, you are a part of my great plan."
I look up, and thank God for who I am..

Charles J. Breunig

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