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My Path In Life

Through life we try to walk on many paths but those lead to a dead end. At the end we could sit there and feel sorry for our self or turn around and walk back to across road and try a new path.

When I was in my late 20s I went into business with a good friend. We helped people get jobs. At the end of 3 years we shut the doors because we couldn’t pay the bills.  I went on the wrong path and I lost a friend. I found I was very unhappy with myself. My joy in my heart was gone.

Follow your path can be hard if you don’t turn to daily prayers. Some days it is even hard to know which path to take with daily prayers.  Become connected with God, with Jesus. God created us and our paths. In my life I found I need some quiet time throughout my day to listen what  my Lord want me to do and which path to follow.

I found when I am on the wrong path it is hard to pray, talk with God.  The joy in my heart would slowly disappear.

Every day I need to choose the path I am going to walk on. Each morning I need to choose the path that God create for me. I need to say yes I will follow Jesus every morning. Each minute of my day I need to say to God I will walk on the path you created for me.

Through prayer a person will fine his path in life. I wrote this poem in the late 80s, it called journey.

Early this morning
I started my daily journey through life,
and it was easy going.
Then I hit a cross road.

I looked at the signs.
One sign said “Short cut, turn right.”
I paused for a moment and turned right,
because I wanted to get where I was going.

The road was getting bumpy and rough.
It caused me to slow down.
I started to hit rocks and pot holes.
I wondered why the road was so rough.

I continued on my journey.
I thought the road would improve,
 but I was wrong.
The road got bumpier and bumpier.
I was starting to fall.

I started to wonder if this was the right way,
but I kept on going.
Then I saw a sign that said “Dead-end”.

I sat on a rock
and asked where I was.
It was getting dark.
I knew I was near where I was going,
but I had never felt so far.
Then I asked God for some help.

I looked up,
and saw a little path.
I started following it.

The path got smoother and smoother.
Soon I was where I wanted to be.

Charles Breunig


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