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My Path In Life
Charles Breunig Through life we try to walk on many paths but those lead to a dead end. At the end we could sit there and feel sorry for our self or turn around and walk back to across road and try a new path.
Why Do I Pray?
Charles Breunig Praying is a part of my day, like I need to eat food. I always try to have a prayer floating around in my thoughts. When I am driving I ask God to be with me. Yes I the radio on but a prayer is flowing through my mind.
Is God Calling Us?
Charles Breunig Is God calling us? I deeply believe that God is calling each of us every day.  We need to take the time to pray, and listening to God’s voice. Through pray we open up our heart so God could send his graces to us. By opening up our heart we let God speak to us.

My Life With God

Charles Breunig Each day there are some good times and there are times we might have to struggle. Through my struggles, I learned that God is always there to guide me and to help me, so I need to be thankful.

Each of my struggles I try to learn something about myself or something else. With my speech I need to talk slow so others can understand me. I know that people who don’t know me they cannot understand me. I also need help with other things like eating and dressing. But that is life
Why Do I Write Poetry?
Charles Breunig When I was in school I hated to write. In those days all my writing was done on a typewriter.  There was no computer in my school until I was in grade 11 1982. In school I was a very poor at spelling, writing and reading. If you told me that I would be a Christian poetry writer. I would ask you, are you joking? I hated writing but I always had a story or a poem running through my head.
Christmas Wish
Charles Breunig As December roll around we sometime forget what is Christmas?  We lose our focus on the true mean of Christmas and spent all our time shopping to buy gifts for love ones. But do we take the time in praying before Christmas. Prepare our hearts for Jesus birth.
Charles Breunig Do you know that God is blessing us every day? I believe without God’s blesses we cannot live. God is blessing us even we don’t follow his will for us.  Our life is a gift from God and he is watching over us and blessing us if we realize or not.
My Faith
Charles Breunig As the summer is slowly coming to an end and fall is coming around the corner. Days are becoming shorter and the nights are becoming longer with every day is passing by. This time of the year bring sadness to me. because summer is almost over and cold air is around the corner. Snow will be here in another month or two. And it is harder for me to get out.
Healing From God
Charles Breunig

For years this question rolls around in the back of my mind. Why God does not heal me?  The answer is simple. God needed me to have Cerebral Palsy to do his work and to do his will.

After I was born I could not get enough oxygen to my brain, so that cause Cerebral Palsy. Cerebral Palsy affects my speech, my legs and my arms. It is hard to understand me so I have to repeat myself. Once I listen to myself on a tape recorder and I had a difficult time to understand myself. I have a hard time walking, so I hit a lot of walls. My hands are spastic so somebody has to feed me but I can drive a car.

Lord Jesus Be My Guide
Charles Breunig Every day I try to remember to ask my friend Jesus Christ to guide me throughout my day. Without God guiding a person it is like walking in the dark without a light. Yes you can make it through your day without Jesus guiding you but it would be a lot harder.

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