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Is God Calling Us?

Through the bible God called people.  In Exodus 3:4, Moses was called by God to lead his people out of Egypt.  

In Samuel 3:4, God was calling Samuel during the night. Samuel thought Eli was calling him, he went to Eli.  So after the third time, Eli realized God was calling Samuel.  Eli told Samuel the next time he hear someone called him he should say, “Speak Lord your servant is listening. “ Samuel 3:10

In Act 9:3, St. Paul was knocked to the ground by a light from heaven, and he heard a voice of Jesus.  Jesus asked St. Paul, “Saul, Saul , why do you persecute me?” Act 9:4. Jesus called him to preach the Gospel.

Through the bible God called people. For an example in Luke 1:27, the Angle Gabriel sent by God to ask the Virgin Mary to be the mother of Jesus, Mother of God.

Is God calling us? I deeply believe that God is calling each of us every day.  We need to take the time to pray, and listening to God’s voice. Through pray we open up our heart so God could send his graces to us. By opening up our heart we let God speak to us.

I am a poet but I used to hate to write because I was poor at writing and poor at spelling. In 1987 I was feeling down so I sat in front of my computer and I started to write a poem.  Over time I was starting to enjoy writing poems. My writing improved.   My writing give me joy in my life. I wrote over 200 poems and I wrote 2 poetry books. People have told me that my books help them to grow closer to God.

Sometime it is hard to know if God is asking me, or it is something I want to do. Through praying I can focus on what is God’s will.

By Charles J Breunig


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