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As the summer is slowly coming to an end and fall is coming around the corner. Days are becoming shorter and the nights are becoming longer with every day is passing by. This time of the year bring sadness to me. because summer is almost over and cold air is around the corner. Snow will be here in another month or two. And it is harder for me to get out.

The same rime fall can be warm and beautiful. The leaves are turning all differ colors. Leaves are floating to the ground.  I love how it sounds when I walk through the leaves.

As a new season is around the corner, also I am trying to turn a new corner. I am starting to go to mass a few times a week. It brings me peace and I am filled with joy after mass. I am trying to go to mass few times a week, until I move to Red Deer. My faith is the most importance thing in my life.

Every fall it seems like it is a new start. Most of us are starting something new.  Over the years I take this time to look at my prayer life. Am I spending enough time in prayer? With Jesus?  The answer is always “NO!”

The next question is what I am going to do about it? Most years I put that question back of my mind and sadly I forget about it. But this year I want to do something. Spending time  in praying. Try to pray the rosary, say a few more prayers during the day. Go to mass more than once a week.  I want to have a deeper relationship with my God.

With a deeply relationship with God I am at peace more and deep inside of me the sadness turns into joy.
This is one of  my poem I wrote this year.

Come Holy Spirit And Guide Me

Come Holy Spirit and guide me
 while I am working.
 Guide my hands while
 I am working on my computer.

Come Holy Spirit and make
a home in my heart.
Light up my heart.
Open my mind
 to the will of God.

Come Holy Spirit and guide
 my thoughts and prayers
 every day of my life.

Come Holy Spirit.

Charles J. Breunig


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