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Why Do I Pray?

Praying is a part of my day, like I need to eat food. I always try to have a prayer floating around in my thoughts. When I am driving I ask God to be with me. Yes I the radio on but a prayer is flowing through my mind.

Through prayer life is become easier.  When a problem come up I will turn my thought toward God and then I ask my Lord what I should do. Or I ask Him to guide my thoughts. Asking God to guide my thought, I know I would do the best I can.

Why do I pray? I believe there is one God. There is a God knows me, better than I know myself.  Wow, when I think about it, it blows my mind. God know my need, my wants and my dreams before I do.  

God gave each of us a free will. We can shut God out of our life, or be open to him. Less you pray you would grow farther away from God. But if you open up your heart to God, your life will change. I wrote a poem called Change My Heart.

Change My Heart

change my heart
into what you want it to be.
Clean my heart from sin
so the Holy Spirit can
shine through my heart.

Change my thinking
 so I could pray
how you want me to.
 Change my thoughts
so I can sing praises to your Father
how I should.

Lord Jesus,
change my heart and thoughts
so I can follow the Father’s will.
So I know how to pray.

Charles J. Breunig

Yes I want God to change my heart and my thoughts into what He wants. I am starting to understand to do the will of God I will have joy and peace in my heart. By praying I will fine God’s will.

Charles J. Breunig


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