Laminated Christian Poetry Bookmarks

My name is Charles Breunig or Chuck. I have Cerebral Palsy since I was born in 1964. Yes I turned 53. Living with Cerebral Palsy I had my struggles like any other person. When I turned 50 I told myself I will enjoy each day. God want us to have joy in our hearts.

Saying that, I would like to tell you a little bit about myself and how I became a poet? Living with Cerebral Palsy is sometime a challenge but it is a great blessing. Through my struggles I could feel my Lord Jesus helping me.

One of things Cerebral Palsy affect is my speech, and it is a pain in the butt. My speech problem is one the harder struggle that I face daily. My speech is difficult to understand. People who do not know me would understand me about 25 to 45 percent. Friends and family would understand me about 50 to 95 percent of the time. No one could understand me 100 percent except God.

Sadly for many years I stayed at home because of my speech problem. For a time I felt like a liar because if someone could not understand me and went away knowing that person didn’t know what I was saying or got the wrong message.
The best way to speak with me is repeat each word that I say because I know that you understood me.  If you didn’t understand a word I will repeat the word or spell it. I have a talk box called a Link Plus. With the talk box I can type what I am going to say. But it take time to use it.

My hands are very spastic, so I cannot feed myself . I need help with dressing. I also need help with all fine motor controls, but I can drive my car. I often think what would happen if a cop stops me and can’t understand me?

I can walk but every year it gets little bit harder. I walk like I had something to drink.  Yes sometime I fall. I have a wheelchair and a scooter for going long distant. I use my scooter to go outside for a walk or in my case for a ride. I enjoy being in the outdoors. I feel very bless to be able to walk.

I started to write in the 80’s, I didn’t like to write when I was in school. That was before computers came out. But as I got older I found writing poetry help me to deal with life and grow closer to God.  Around 96’s I started to make bookmarks. Over the years I have over 125 differ types of bookmarks, 2 poetry books and 2 differ types of notepads. Please take your time to look around my website.


Why I write poems?